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Awards Terry Pratchett has won

Awards are listed by year, and country (where known) is also provided. More details about some of the awards can be found on the press clippings page.

Honorary LittD from the University of Bristol (Britian).
CILIP [Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals] Carnegie Medal.
The Bookseller Services to Bookselling Award (Britain).
Smarties Prize Silver Award (9-11 age category).
SFX Award, Best SF/Fantasy Author.
SFX Hall of Fame For Contributions to SF Literature.
SFX Award, Worst-dressed Person in SF.
BCA Science Fiction Award (Britain).
Children's Author of the Year (shortlisted only).
Writers Guild Award (Children's Books).
Author of the Year (shortlisted only).
Author of the Year (shortlisted only).

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