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This is probably an incomplete list. We have tried to include as many TV and Radio appearances by Terry as we can, but obviously we will have missed some. If you have any details regarding omissions or errors then please email

Further details of the Radio Adaptations and TV Productions are now available.

There have also been several movies, or plans to produce movies. Details of these can now be found on the Movies page.

TV / Radio
28 Feb 2006BBC Radio 4UKSmall Gods, dramatisation.
8 Jan 2006BBC 1UKJohnny and the Bomb, dramatisation.
3 Jan 2006BBC 1UKBlue Peter, about Johnny and the Bomb.
8 Nov 2005BBC Radio 4UKFrontrow, includes Terry's speech at the Crime Writers Awards.
25 Oct 2005BBC Radio 4UKReading the Decades, Terry contributes his thoughts.
9 Oct 2005NPRUSan interview.
6 Aug 2005BBC 4UKin a programme about amateur astronomy.
5 July 2005BBC 2UKMastermind subject was once again Discworld.
18 Feb 2005BBC 4UKpresenting the Good Tradition Award to Steeleye Span at the Radio 2 Folk Awards
16 Feb 2005BBC Radio 2UKpresenting the Good Tradition Award to Steeleye Span at the Radio 2 Folk Awards
1 Feb 2005BBC Radio 4UKon "Relatively Einstein" with Ian Stewart, talking about science and work
14 Jan 2005BBC Radio 4UKon "Today" interviewd about the importance of science and reading his pome
12 Nov 2004ABC Radio
AustraliaTalking and selecting music
8 Nov 2004JJJAustraliaInterview on The Morning Show
29 Sept 2004BBC Radio 5UKDiscussing the release of Going Postal
29 Sept 2004BBC 1UKDiscussing the release of Going Postal
26 Sept 2004BBC Radio 7UKAdaptation of Wee Free Men
4 July 2004BBC Radio 4UKBookClub/Open Book (BBC Radio4) Terry talking about Mort.
15 June 2004BBC Radio 4UKMort (BBC Radio4) A radio dramatisation.
26 May 2004BBC Radio 4UKRecording for a future "Open Book"programme, discussing Mort.
21 Dec 2003BBC Radio 4UKon "Open Book"
28 Sept 2003BBC Radio 4UKTalking to Mariella Frostrup on "Open Book"
23 Sept 2003BBC Radio 2UKTalking to Noel Edmonds on "Drive Time"
23 Aug 2003BBC Radio 4UKThe Amazing Maurice & His Educated Rodents, adaptation.
30 July 2003Oneword
UKTalking about The Wee Free Men.
29 May 2003BBC World
UKWorld Book Club, interview followed by question & answer session.
17 May 2003BBC 2UKThe Big Read, 5 of Terry's books make it into the top 100, Further details from the BBC website
11 May 2003BBC Radio 7UKOnly You Can Save Mankind, adaptation
21 April 2003BBC Radio 7UKWyrd Sisters, adaptation
11 April 2003BBC Radio 7UKGuards Guards, adaptation
27 Feb 2003BBC Radio 4UKYou and Yours, talking about book piracy
2 Feb 2003ABC TVAustraliaTalking about (amongst other things) TAMAHER.
24 Dec 2002BBC Radio 7UKWyrd Sisters, adaptation
16 Dec 2002BBC Radio 7UKGuards Guards, adaptation
16 Dec 2002BBC Radio 7UKBig Toe: The Amazing Maurice & His Educated Rodents being read by Omid Djalili, following an Interview with Terry.
20 Nov 2002ABC Classic FMAustraliatalking to Margaret Throsby
19 Nov 2002ABC Radio National Australiatalking to Geraldine Doogue
Oct 2002BBC Radio 5UKInterview with Simon Mayo
24 Oct 2002BBC1UKBreakfast News: talking about Nightwatch
17 Oct 2002BBC1UKQuestion Time: Topical debate from Coventry chaired by David Dimbleby.
12 July 2002Radio 4UKNews Item : Terry wins the Carnegie Medal
12 July 2002CH4UKNews Item : Terry wins the Carnegie Medal
20 June 2002BBC4UKA guest on the Reader's and Writers Roadshow'
May 2002Radio WiltshireUKtalking about 'The Wee Free Men'
11 May 2002Classic FMUKTerry Pratchett is 'Master of his art'
6 Apr 2002BBC2UKReading The Decades, contribution in this literary journey
16 Dec 2001ITV1UKThe South Bank Show, about The Lord of the Rings movie
29 Apr 2001Radio 4UKOpen Book, interview about The Thief of Time
28 Apr 2001TVCzechInterview
25 Nov 2000TV4New ZealandWyrd Sisters, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
25 Nov 2000TV4New ZealandSoul Music, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
2000MiniMaxPolandRepeat of Focus, from France, with Polish voice over
2000Game OneFranceFocus, interview
24 Nov 1999Channel 4UKPulp, interview.
6 Nov 1999Radio 2UKJonathon Ross Show, interview.
Nov 1999ABCAustraliaSoul Music, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
1 Oct 1999Radio 2UKMystery Voice, on the Dale Winton show!
30 Sept 1999Radio 4UKThe Material World, exploring the science fact in science fiction
10 Sept 1999ABCAustralia Wyrd Sisters, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
30 June 1999Radio 4UKFront Row, Interview
27 May 1999BBC News24UKHardTalk?, Interview
27 May 1999BBC WorldWorldHardTalk, Interview
24 March 1999TV4Sweden'Wyrd Sisters
12 March 1999BBC1UKComic Relief Red Nose Day
3 Feb 1999TV4SwedenSoul Music, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
15 Jan 1999Radio 3UKThe Music Machine presents the Ankh-Morpork National Anthem
Performed by BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (vocals by Clare Rutter)
12 Jan 1999Radio 3UKThe Music Machine interview with Terry about his commission to write the Ankh-Morpork National Anthem
30 Dec 1998TVOCanadaSoul Music, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
28 Dec 1998Channel 4UKSoul Music, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
June 1998ABCAustraliaSoul Music, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
13 June 1998BBC1UKTerry on the News as he receives his O.B.E.
21 May 1998MetrovisionMalaysiaWyrd Sisters, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
1 May 1998Radio 4UKOpen Book, Interview
26 April 1998Radio 4UKOpen Book, Interview
April 1998unknownIsraelWyrd Sisters, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
14 Feb 1998BBC2UKRed Dwarf Night, Terry chooses his favourite clip.
1 Feb 1998BBC1UKThe Big Question, Interview
21 Nov 1997Radio NationalAustraliaInterview
13 Nov 1997BBC1UKCall My Bluff, word game show
8 Nov 1997TVOCanadaSoul Music, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
27 Sept 1997TVOCanadaWyrd Sisters, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
9 Sept 1997ABC Classic FMAustraliaDesert Island Discs, repeat
2 Sept 1997Channel 4UKSpace Cadets, SF quiz show
27 Aug 1997BBC1UKMastermind, fetauring questions on the Discworld
25 July 1997Radio 5UVAustraliaInterview, where Terry admits to being a Goodies' fan.'
18 May 1997Channel 4UKWyrd Sisters, animation production by Cosgrove Hall
18 May 1997Channel 4UKTV-ROM, documentary featuring Paul Rood! and other afpers.
7 May 1997Channel 4UKThe Heroes of Comedy, talking about 'The Goons'
6 May 1997Radio 5UKRuscoe Show, interview and plugging Wyrd Sisters
6 May 1997Channel 4UKLight Lunch, interview
9 Feb 1997Radio 4UKDesert Island Discs
1997Channel 1UKFeature?
3 Dec 1996NPR?USAMiamis Cover to Cover
7 Aug 1996BBC1UKNine OClock News
3 April 1996BBC1UKBlue Peter, children's magazine show
18 Feb 1996Radio 4UKOnly You can save Mankind, adaptation
19 Jan 1996RDUNew ZealandChristchurch local radio show, interview
Jan 1996Briz-31AustraliaFifth Dimension, Interview on the Australian SF and Fantasy Review television show
1 Dec 1995BBC2UKThe Late Show, interview
26 Nov 1995BBC1UKBook Show
24 Nov 1995BBC2UKBookworm
18 Nov 1995Radio 4UKInterview
29 June 1995Radio 4UKWyrd Sisters, adaptation.
12 June 1995Channel 4UKJungle Quest, Terry in search of Orang-u-tans
4 June 1995Sky NewsUKBook Show
19 May 1995BBC1UKFully Booked, childrens show.
26 April 1995Radio 4UKMidweek, interview.
13 April 1995BBC1UKPebble Mill, magazine programme.
4 April 1995ITVUKJohnny and the Dead, live action adaptation.
28 Jan 1995ITVUKSaturday Disney, childrens show.
24 Jan 1995ITVUKThe Little Picture Show, interview.
1 Dec 1994BBC2UKLate Review
4 July 19943RRRAustraliaMelbournes Radio program Zero G
18 May 1994BBC2UKThe Late Show
May 1994BBC2UKLate Books
9 April 1994Virgin RadioUKThe Big Red Mug Show, interview
31 Mar 1994Radio 4UKKaleidoscope, interview.
2 Jan 1994Channel 4UKOpening Shot, Interview about Johnny and the Dead
27 Nov 1993Radio 4UKLoose Ends, interview.
29 Dec 1992Radio 1UKThe Mark Radcliffe Show, about being a cult!
23 Nov 1992Radio 5UKGuards, Guards, adaptation.
20 May 1992TV2New ZealandTruckers, animated by Cosgrove Hall
1992BBCUKInterview at the Welsh Garden Festival.
10 Jan 1991ITVUKTruckers, animated by Cosgrove Hall
1990Radio?USAHour 25, with Neil Gaiman, plugging Good Omens
1983Radio 4UKWomens Hour, aired adaptations of The Colour of Magic and Equal Rites

The following are yet to be to confirmed:

TV / Radio
1991?Radio DerbyUKInterview, during the Witches Abroad Signing Tour?

The following are titles I have come across in my research, I'm not sure if these are actually programmes or not!

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