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L-Space Stock Certificates sold at CCDE 2000

In March 2000, Mike Knell posted a "press release" to, announcing the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of

This press release inspired me to create 'original' Stock Certificates. After consulting with the L-Space Cabal, the idea was approved of, and the certificates created. At the Clarecraft Discworld Event 2000, 90 of these Certificates were sold at 150pence each.

Five Certificates were entered into the auction at said event, and were eventually sold for 500pence each, increasing the value of L-Space by more than 300 percent.

All in all, a total amount of 250 pounds was raised for charity!

And there's more: further certificates were sold to those people unable to get hold of one via Internet auctions. Two were sold for the sum of 25 pounds each, and the one went for 30 pounds!

You can view an image of the certificate, as well as the original press release.

Certificates were personalized at sale; however, they are only valid after they have been signed by the appropriate board members. Colm Buckley (Chief Financial Officer), Rob Collier (Chief Technical Officer), Mike Knell (Chief Director of Corporate Communications) and Leo Breebaart (Notorious Visionary Driving Force) were available during the Discworld Event to sign your Certificate personally.

If you were unable to collect all your necessary signatures during CCDE 2000, please contact me and the Cabal for an individual solution.

Just to make things absolutely clear: these 'stock certificates' are not legal. They are intended as a charity gimmick, and all proceeds will be donated to the Orangutan Foundation.


Patrick Dersjant and the L-Space Cabal

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