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Jay Hurst

Jay was born in Lancashire in 1971 and began drawing at a very early age. By the end of his first year at art school, he was working professionally. He currently works from his home in Cheshire which he shares with his wife, four children and the odd cat or two. His customised studio is envied by many, as twice a day it reverts to its 'other' function - that of being a dining room.

Jay has only recently moved into the Discworld arena as he has an increasingly large portfolio of work in other areas including comics, video covers, CDs, corporate designs, general advertising and much, much more. His paintings can be viewed in Galleries, though the subjects are more landscape and architectural than Science Fiction or Fantasy.

Jay started reading Pratchett in 1983/4 but didn't start producing Discworld pictures until he was commissioned to do a piece for Clarecraft in 1996/7.

I liked Pratchett from the first sentences because he subverted the fantasy genre from the inside.

Since that first Clarecraft commission, Jay has gone on to produce more Discworld art, bringing his own individual style to the subject. He is now becoming widely recognised as one of the top artists within this field.

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