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L-Space has a small Internet Relay Chat network, to cater for Pratchett fans. Internet Relay Chat is a "real-time" chat mechanism, rather like CB radio. For more information on IRC in general, we suggest you look at

Accessing L-Space IRC

To access the L-Space IRC network, you should tell your client to connect to one of our servers. At present, there are two servers in the L-Space IRC network:

Server name Maintainer Location Colm Buckley Dublin, Ireland Christer Boräng Göteborg, Sweden

Please pick whichever of these is closest to you on the Internet. If you don't know, or if there's no difference, we suggest you use , which will point you at a random server in the network.


As with any IRC server, you can set up whatever channels you want on L-Space IRC. However, certain channels tend to be there more-or-less permanently, and you may wish to try them, if you want to meet people to chat with:

Behaviour while on-line

We try not to have too many rules on L-Space IRC. In general, the same rule should apply here as elsewhere on the Net - watch for a while, and learn the "atmosphere" of a particular channel before making a contribution (although it is polite to say "Hello"). Different channels have different conventions concerning what is and is not accepted behaviour.

There are some things we do insist on, as general rules:

IRC Services

We do not make use of IRC services like chanserv, nickserv etc., because we've found that the network is sufficiently small that they're unnecessary and not worth the trouble of setting them up. If you have a service to suggest, please contact the IRCops.

Further information

You can mail for more information or if you need help with a particular aspect of L-Space IRC.

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