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This page contains information about the USENET NEWSGROUP Alt.books.pratchett. Included are the original documents from which the group was created

Alt.books.pratchett is essentially a cafe compared to the pub of Analysis and deconstruction of the works of Terry Pratchett is rife. Extended examinations of concepts such as good, evil and morality in the Pratchett books and characters are regular topics.

The group is of much lower traffic than to the point of having perhaps 5-10% of the volume of the older group.

Terry occasionally joins in the very critical discussions of his work which some posters find daunting. This ensures that most regular posts are well thought out and critical, not abusive.

If you are more interested in the books and the stories and perhaps find yourself tiring of the boundless energy of, alt.books.pratchett is the group for you.

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