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About is a public Usenet news server carrying the Pratchett newsgroups (alt.books.pratchett,, and and the (currently unused) lspace.* local newsgroups.


You can get read-only access to the newsgroups simply by configuring your newsreader to access as your server. If you are asked for authentication, just press enter (or otherwise accept your newsreader's default).

In order to prevent spam, actually posting to the newsgroups through is password-protected. There is a very simple, global account, however, that everyone is allowed to use without further permission or registration:


The server is actively monitored by the newsmaster. Please don't abuse the posting privilege!

The Pratchett newsgroups on are set to an expiration time of 90 days. Postings to the lspace.* groups are retained for a year.

The newsmaster

The resources and bandwidth for are kindly provided for us by Johan van Selst, who also functions as the L-Space Newsmaster. All questions, comments, and other feedback concerning can be directed to him at

For users of the pre-2006 server

The new server described on this page was installed early in 2006. If you have ever used the old, pre-2006 server, you may encounter the problem that your news client tells you that there are no new messages at all to download.

This is caused by the server update: it may still be called, but underneath it's a completely different machine, with a completely different numbering of its articles. You may therefore have to instruct your news client to throw away all the information it now falsely thinks it has about which articles you've already seen.

On a Unix system, you would do this by removing your $HOME/.newsrc file.

On MS Windows using Outlook Express:

  1. Right-click the group you want to flush
  2. Chose "Properties"
  3. Choose the "Local File" tab
  4. Click on the "Reset" button

On Macintoshes, I am not so sure, but I suspect that a "mark everything as unread" option in your news reader will be what you're looking for.

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