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The Minstrel's Song

From: Adrian Morgan


In "The Last Hero", the minstrel who accompanies the Silver Horde on their journey to Cori Celesti composes a saga about their adventures. The following is a partly reconstructed version of how the minstrel's saga might have gone, except that the real one is undoubtably much much better.


For the verses, play the following four times.

treb:  e   b b     a   a   b b     g   g   a a     f#  g   f#  e   d
beat:  1 . , . 2 . , . 3 . , . 4 . , . 5 . , . 6 . , . 7 . , . 8 . ,

For the chorus, play the following twice.

treb:  e     g     b        g  a  f# e  d  e   {lowest e, highest b}
bass:  e  b  a  b  e  b  a  b  d  a  b  a  e   {lowest e, highest b}
beat:  1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4  1

First verse:

A thousand years before our time
A fire on a mountain burning
Far below the warmth of gods
A hero heard the people yearning
Climbed the mountain, stole the fire
Faced the gods, became that hero
In all tales from then 'til now
Some things are true of every hero


Mad mad mad, they're all stark staring mad
Mad mad mad, they're all stark staring mad

Remaining verses:

Each verse could end with a different group of people encountered by Cohen and co that was mad. Examples:

And all the foes they had to fight
All shared a trait that made it easy.
(mad mad mad)

He looked at all the lands below
And thought of all the people down there.
(mad mad mad)

These are the gods that think they can
Do what they like with thunderbolts.
(mad mad mad)

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