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AADS (Andy Steward)     16th Jan '63       - Capricorn
                        No. Still lurking

Mark Adri-Soejoko       4th  Nov  '66      - Scorpio
                        Only when it says stuff that makes me seem
                        really cool, sexy, dangerous etc.

Alex (TEH)              5th  Jul  '73      - Cancer
                        Not really, but my sign is pretty apt for a

Caroline Alexander      16th Nov '76       - Scorpio
                        no comment

Alien                   8th  Mar  '71      - Fishy
                        Not according to my horoscope

Hank Alme               4th  Dec  '70      - Sagittarius

Alt.Fan.Pratchett       30th Jan  '92      - Aquarius
                        Well it's the year of the Monkey and there sure
                        were a lot of keyboards about...

Mark Allen Allsortz     1st  Jan  '70      - Capricorn
                        Yes (But not the Newspaper ones)

(A.J.Kitching)          2nd  Mar  '77      - Pisces

Jonathan Amery          10th Oct  '77      - Libra
                        Ask me on 21970113

Annette Anderson        4th  Jul  '73      - Cancer
(nee Stewardson)        Only if it predicts something good for me

Iain Anderson           4th  Jul  '72      - Ursa Minor

Andrea Marie            26th Dec  '76      - Capricorn
(ladyhedgehog)          No comment

Belinda Andrews         22nd Oct  '69      - Libra
                        Really I am. There are conflicting theories on
                        the subject though... give me a minute, I'll go
                        and read up on it, and get back to you...No dont
                        hit me! I didn't mean it, I promise I'll make up
                        my mind soon!

Glenn Andrews           24th Jan  '74      - Aquarius
                        Aquarians are too logical to believe in star

Andromeda               19th Apr  '66      - Aries
                        No, but I keep hoping...:-)

Andy S                  15th Aug  '77      - Leo
                        If I like it

Aquarion                26th Jan  '81      - Aquarius
(Nicholas Avenell)                      (Shock Shock Horror :-)
                        Aquarian's are too creative to believe in all

Chris Arguin            9th  Aug  '77      - Leo
                        Leo's don't belive in Astrology... Well known
                        fact, that.

Ben Argyle              10th Apr  '76      - Aries
                        Not unless they're right. Of Course if they are
                        right then they can't be correct because of the
                        fundamental rule that nothing works unless you
                        give it a damned good kicking. And have you ever
                        seen someone kicking Russell Grant. For no good
                        reason.  I'd pay.

Aria                    26th Nov  '72      - Sagittarius.
                        Nope, don't believe in astrology..

David Ashton (Ydris)    2nd  Mar  '68      - Pisces
                        Only a bit

Liz Ashton              10th Aug  '79      - Leo
                        I'm a Leo.. anyone whos met me will realise
                        this. I'm fairly typical for my sign. But as
                        to whether I believe in it.. erm.. well I read
                        them. But thats about that.

Matt Aslett             7th  Nov  '70      - Scorpio
                        A little

Theo Asma               27th Jul  '69      - Leo

Guy (BFG)               14th Dec  '78      - Sagittarius
                        Have a guess I come from Glastonbury, Badman the
                        mystic centre of Britian, in other words no, not

Tim Bagot               9th  May  '79      - Taurus

Adam Baker              12th May  '67      - Taurus

Leo Barasi              5th  Aug  '83      - Leo
                        (yes, I would be wouldn't I!) -
                        Depends if I like what they say ;-)

Lottie (Loriba) Barber  22nd Oct  '71      - Libra/Scorpio
                        I believe in tooth fairies, UFO's, pixes, ghosts
                        and the creature that lurks under my bed; but I
                        don't believe in horoscopes. I am definitely a
                        pig, though!

John (J) Barberio       29th Aug  '79      - Virgo
                        Its all astronomical objects.

Julie Barch             16th Nov  '59      - Scorpio
                        tried it before

Phil Barker             22nd Aug  '71      - Leo
                        Not at all

Mark Barltrop           4th  Oct  '62      - Libra
 (Tachyon)              The day I  find I really can travel at
                        non-relativistic velocities then I *might* start
                        believing in astrology.

Maurice Barnes          31st Jul  '73      - Leo
(Mr O. to a             Only if it's true.
VERY select group)

Stephen Bates           11th Jul  '70      - Cancer
                        Probably not |Maybe|

Dudley Batters          9th  Sep  '68      - Virgo
                        I hope not

Kevin Bean              18th Oct  '69      - Libra
                        No why take the surprise out of life.

Christian Becker        3rd  Feb  '82      - Aquarius
(Christian)             Well, anybody who has read all The Hitchhikers
                        Guide knows what trouble Astrology can cause.

Danny Bell              12th Jul  '47      - Cancer
                        Only if its good news

The Bellinghman         3rd  Feb  '60      - Aquarius
                        Do I *look* that gullible

Belvadere               23rd May  '72      - Gemini
                        Part of me does the other part does not

Chris Georgiou          11th Feb  '72      - Aquarius
  (TZOTZIOY)            I am definitely not sure

Pete Biggs              9th  May  '62      - Taurus

Jonathan Bill           13th Jun  '69      - Gemini
                        Indubitably not

Shawn Bishop            9th  Sep  '68      - Virgo
                        Only mystic meg knows the answers

Bjorn Bjornsson         2nd  Apr  '69      - Aries

Eleanor (LNR) Blair     19th Nov  '75      - Scorpio

Pete Bleackley          25th Mar  '74      - Aries
                        Certainly not

Matthew Blisset         13th Mar  '86      - Volans [1]
                        If I knew more about how they were done,
                        I would be less sceptical.ATM i ignore
                        them, but that doesn't stop them beign
                        true. However, I don't think people should
                        have the sign dependant on when they are
                        born, everyone should be able to choose.
                        Much more interesting.
                        [1] The flying physh :)

Matthew Bloch           27th Nov  '79      - Saggitarius
                        Yes, it's all true.

bobbi                   25th Nov  '65      - saggy-tarry-arse-
                        Nah, that Gallileo was a total fraud, man, he
                        made it all up and NASA suckered for the lot

Boggly (Charles         24th Jan  '83      - Aquarius
Collicutt)              No, but I do believe in other occulty type

Ivis Bohlen             29th Dec  '49      - Capricorn
                        no, but I read them sometimes

Daniel Bolger           20th Oct  '79      - Libra

Richard Bos             27th Jun  '70      - YFIO
                        Don't make me laugh...

Phil Boswell            4th  Sep  '66      - Virgo

Gelnn Brady             13th May  '58      - Aries

Bravus the Braw         9th  Apr  '64      - Aries
(David)                 reluctant to rule out anything on the
                        basis of science

Scott Brennan           10th Nov  '73      - Scorpio
                        Only if chocolate coated

Stephen (CMOT) Briggs   6th  Jul  '51      - Cancer
                        An Unbeliever!

Bro (Snke Brodersen)[2] 21st Dec  '67      - Sagittarius - Capricorn
                        accord. to some, to which I strongly object),
                        also Goat (Chinese), Fig Tree (acc. to some
                        obscure pseudo-celtic horosc.)
                        - No, my head objects, but my heart wonders
                        about the applicability of most of the
                        attributes of all three in my character.
                        Strange, but true...

Jimmy Brokaw            15th Feb  '78      - Aquarius

Andy Brown              6th  Jun  '68      - Gemini
(jester)                If it was any good, I'd be rich, famous, and
                        happily shacked up with some gorgeous woman
                        (so it's 60% wrong, anyway I don't *want* to
                        be famous)

Simon Brown             7th  Dec  '72      - Sagittar.

Bryan                   15th Dec  '69      - Sagittar.

Mark Buckner            14th May  '83      - Taurus
                        Astrology never works (for me)

CCA                     27th Oct  '69      - Scorpio (of Rooster)
                        Belief in astrology depends on stars for
                        that particular day

Colm Buckley            10th Sep  '71      - Virgo
                        only the silly bits

Bugsy (Rebecca Allen)   2nd  Sep  '73      - Virgo
                        Erm only when it is to my advantage to do so
                        like when it says something good...*grin*

Stefano Busti           13th  Dec  '73     - Saggitarius
                        It's a few thousand entries under Uri Geller
                        on the 'believability' scale. Evidence, my dear
                        Watson, evidence!

Lillian Butler          10th Jul  '74      - Cancer
                        No, my mother did enough of that for both of us!

Ruth Bygrave            1st  Sep  '74      - Virgo
(\/\/oof)               No - apparently I'm supposed to be an obsessive-
                        compulsive neatnik, not a slob who can't find
                        the floor this week... "the Virgo woman will
                        never be seen slopping around the house in
                        carpet slippers"... oh,

Howard A. Callaway      3rd  Nov  '68      - Scorpio
                        From past experience it doesn't believe in me, I
                        think we're going through a mutual disbelief at
                        present, I think it thinks that if it leaves me
                        alone I'll do the same to it (it doesn't know me
                        very well does it?)

Donald Campbell         10th Aug  '68      - Leo
                        Insufficient data, next research grant please

Mary Perkins            26th Aug  '73      - Virgo
AFPSaintMary            "How did I get to be a saint of AFP when I don't
                        even *like* Pratchett?..."

Alex Carlton            15th Apr  '67      - Aries
                        Born in the year of the Goat in the month of
                        Aries the Ram in this age of genetic engineering
                        that would make me a Shoat or a Geep so i
                        believe more in astronomy than astrology

Chris   Carter [3]      19th Jul  '78      - Cancer
                        Not on your auntie Nelly

Debbie Caswell          6th  Dec  '64      - Sagittar. - ?
Catja                   28th May  '71      - Gemini
                        who couldn't *quite* figure out

Alex Cawley             20th Jul  '54      - Cancer
                        No belief whatsoever, but I like a good laugh as
                        much as the next sophont.

Piers Cawley            15th Sep  '67      - Virgo
                        Nope the last column ;-)

Ann Marie Chalkley      31st May  '77      - Gemini

Ben Chalmers            9th  Mar  '78      - Pisces
                        Only when Venus is in the ascendant

Alan Chapman            6th  Feb  '60      - Aquarius

Philippa Chapman        10th May  '58      - Taurus
                        some of it seems to 'work', but I don't run my
                        life by it!

Elaine Charlson         27th Jun  '54      - Cancer

Andrea J Chee           19th Apr  'xx      - Aries

Chris/Ranma             10th Jul  '76      - Cancer    - Only when it
                        gets it right.

Cesare Cioni            26th Feb  '59      - Pisces

Martyn Clapham          12th Sep  '60      - Virgo
                        No, but read horoscopes anyway!

Clare                   7th  Sep  '76      - Virgo, Bear in Native
                        American, Willow in 'Celtic Tree Signs'?!
believe it is a perfect example of headology -
 itseems to say what you want it to say and so
 seems to work, even when you know it is really
 all suckrose and akwa...however some astrologers
 are better at the patter than others!

Maire Collier           2nd  Nov  '83      - Scorpio

Robert Rune[4] Collier  10th Sep  '74      - Virgo
                        In what?

Steve Cook              9th  Jun  '77      - Gemini
                        No, I have a true philosophical objection
                        - astrology DOES NOT EXIST in any form.
                        Horoscopes are merely the actions of a million
                        monkeys on a million typewriters for a million
                        years, and have no true meaning.  It's all a

Mark A. Cooper          16th  Mar '71      - Pisces
                        I don't *really* believe in them - but then
                        we Pisceans are too easily led astray... :)

David Cote              28th Oct  '60      - Scorpio
                        Only believes in astrology as and when it tells
                        me something GOOD.

Jon Cottrell            21st Feb  '78      - Pisces
                        no, despite being a typical pisces and horse

Simon Cozens            29th May  '78      - Geminini
(aka the Moodyblue)     I don't even believe in astronomy...

Jason Crane             11th Jul  '71      - Crabby thing[5]
                        Astronomy? Yes. Astrology, No.

Donal Cunningham        14th Aug  '71      - Leo
                        No. Still read horoscopes sometimes, though.

Curiosity               18th May  '75      - Taurus
                        Not unless its a personal astrological chart,
                        compiled by a small Chinese man in the back of a
                        dark, small shop with curtain at the back - they
                        always seem to be _perfectly_ correct in the
                        films !

Trevor Curry            6th  Aug  '54      - Leo

Stevie D                7th  Sep  '79      - Virgo
                        "If I want your stupid opinion, I'll beat it out
                        of you"

Rob Dalton              3rd  Nov  '80      - Scorpio
                        It a load of coproliths. All signs are off by a

darby                   18th Jun  '66      - gemini
                        no thanks, i'm trying to quit

Darren (Davison)        4th  Nov  '75      - Scorpio
                        maybe... I fit the spec. for a Scorpio/
                        water sign... but I like to believe we make our
                        own destiny and that the future is changable.

Just Dave Rickmann)     16th Nov  '79      - Scorpio
                        I won't believe in anything until I have hard

Dominic Davidson B.F.   3rd  Jul  '79      - Leo

Patrick Dersjant        14th Nov  '71      - Scorpio
                        only on even days in even months,
                        and then only if it's not a full moon
Michael Dimmick         6th  Feb  '78      - Aquarius?
                        No, but it makes interesting reading :=) to see
                        how much rubbish it is!

Jos Dingjan             8th  Sep  '74      - Virgo
                        Nope, astrology doesn't believe in me either!

Mark Dissington         7th  Apr  '76      - Aries
                        Only every other Wednesday

Doc                     8th  Jul  '67      - Cancer
                        I believe that I do have strong influence on the

j.l.dominik             29th Jan  '71      - Aquarius
                        Not since I got that second brain cell
                        installed :)

Dooferlad               21st Apr  '79      - Rocket Launcher
(James Tunnicliffe)     If our sun novas then it may affect me I

marion doran            21st Dec  '41      - Sagittar.
                        you must be joking

(The Lurking) Dormouse  3rd  Mar  '65      - Pisces

Emily Down              13th Feb  '80      - aquarius
                        Yes, and crystal magic, etc.

Thomas Down             29th Oct  '77      - scorpio
                        No, really, honest...

J M Doyle               16th Jul  '75      - Cancer
                        Last time I tried it my knees went all funny

Lynnette (The Lemming)  19th Aug  '77      - Leo

Dude Who Walks          1st  Feb  '65      - Aquarium
                        Let's get tanked!

Dinah Dunavan           14th Jul  '67      - Cancer
                        I can't, despite trying

Owen Dunn               12th Nov  '74      - Scorpio
                        no, read hscope anyway

Tony Dunning            1st  Dec  '64      - Sagittar.

Matthew du Plessis      27th Apr  '77      - Taurus
                        Only on National Sock Day

Edward                  23rd Oct  '79      - Libra/S'pio

elfin                   11th Nov  '??      - The one with spots
                        Is that where you go astra-planing?

Steve Elliott           12th Aug  '68      - Leo
                        I keep looking for "you will win £1m"!

Jonathan Ellis          26th Aug  '76      - Virgo
                        But I'm not far away from being a Leo. Honest...
                        Time to get totally Brahms & Liszt"

Peter Ellis             31st Oct  '77      - Scorpio
                        I wish I could believe in astrology - thank
                        Gods  I'm an atheist

Tony Ellis              28th Aug  '49      - Virgo
                        If I said yes they wouldn't let me post any
                        more answers to Dr. Bobs Quiz

Lindsay Endell          21st Apr  '66      - Taurus

Eric the Lemming        16th Feb  '82      - Aquarius
                        I believe in astrology when necessary

Owen Evans              27th Jun  '75      - Cancer
                        We know a song about that...

Katherine F.            24th Jun  '79      - Cancer
                        I refuse to believe in astrology, though
                        occasionally it seems that astrology believes
                        in me...

John Faragher           8th  Oct  '74      - Libra
                        No, but did once write some to make money

The Fat Aardvark        26th Jan  '72      - Aquarius
 aka Graham O'Mara      No, unless I win the lottery :)

Andy Fawcett            22nd Jan  '65      - Aquarius
                        What's Astrology ?

Carol Fawcett           5th  Dec  '68      - Sagittar.
 [nee Willis]           Yes, but not the Mystic Meg type

Geoff  Field            27th Nov  '62      - Sagittarius
                        It's a good laugh...

Jay Finch               1st  Mar  '70      - 2 Fishes
                        Agronomy ?  Wasn't that a Jethro Tull song?
                        Or was that Iron Lung?

Tony Finch              27th Aug  '74      - Virgo
                        yeah, right

fish                    25th Jun  '65      - Very Crabby- ----

Fizzy Orange            30th Jan  '64      - Aquarius
[Simon Crouch]          Hmmm

Flabbergast             24th Sep  '72      - libra
                        I only believe in them if they are (I think)
                        really bad and specific. If i ever would read a
                        horoscope saying: today you will at 0942h be hit
                        by a truck with the license number beginning
                        with a J, and you will die from the crash. Then
                        yes I would belive it...

Piers Forrest           22nd Jul  '56      - Cancer (or Fire Monkey)

Noel Foster             26th Dec  '45      - Capricorn

Stuart Foster           30th Aug  '69      -Not a Virgo
                        Horoscope ?   Hey is that a new amusement park
                        ride ?

John Fouhy BF           21st Jan  '80      - Aquarius
                        No; Only when Venus and Uranus are aligned

John Francis            15th May  '49      - Bull
                        Bull [7]

Annette Fraser          10th Oct  '63      - Libra
                        No, I don't think so

Rocky (Frisco)          26th Jul  '37      - Leo
                        I find some of it useful

frodo [Canada]          28th Apr  '76      - Taurus

Anthony Frost           4th  Mar  '59      - Pisces
                        Only when I agree with it

James Gater             3rd  Jan  '76      - Pisces
                        it's a million to one chance, but it might just

Tim Gerrish             8th  Apr  '60      - Aries
                        Not until Mystic Meg can tell me why I haven't
                        won the lottery yet

Matt Gibson (gothick)   21st Jan  '73      - Aquarius
                        None whatsoever

Gidjabolgo              9th  Apr  '70      - Aries
 (Orjan Westin)         I believe astrology is a great way to make money

Eelco Giele             12th May  '71      - Taurus
                        The Turtle moves !

Mike Gilbert            15th Sep  '59      - No
                        No [9]

Chris Georgiou          11th Feb  '72      - Aquarius
(TZOTZIOY)              I am definitely not sure

Glinda                  7th  Feb  '50      - Aquarius

Dave Goddard            2nd  Feb  '72      - Aquarius
                        Depends who I'm talking to...

The Goddess             26th Mar  '54      - Aries
                        Who do you think runs it ?

Daniel Goldsmith        6th  Jun  '69      - Gemini
                        [20th Sivan 5729]
                        Who really believes their lives to be ruled by
                        the sun? The Moon, Earth or even Water, yes;
                        but the Sun?
The Gonzo Lager         7th  Oct  '69      - Libra
                        I don't believe anything.

April Goodwin-Smith     5 March '56        - Pisces
                        Fire Monkey, with the Two Fat Cousins rising

Bancroft Gracey         24th May  '62      - Gemini
                        Not while sane
Graham                  7th  Apr  '65      - Aries
(Affordable Leather)    born under the sign of Bristol Maternity

Michael Grant           19th Mar  '73      - Pisces
                        Roll up, roll up, gitcha free Phlogiston!
Geir Granum             30th May  '62      -Gemini/Tiger
                        Not at all
Andrew Gray (Shim)      17th Nov 1982      - Scorpio
                        It went downhill when they added Uranus &c...
Jennifer Gray           13th Oct  '83      - Libra
                        I would believe anything if they paid me enough.
Steph  Gray             5th  May  '80      - Taurus
[Stephanie]             No. I hate physics
Graycat                 11th Sep  '82       - Virgo
                        Only the ones which give me love, success and
James Green             12th Feb  '83       - Aquarius
                        Well I don't work as a waiter, so no.  Astrology
                        just ain't for me
Joy Green               6th  Feb  '64      - Aquarius
Philip Green            12th Mar  '52      - Pisces
Mathew Grove            21st Aug  '70      - leo
                        horoscope - a device for looking at brasses from
                        a distance?
Grymma                  4th  May  '65      - Taurus
(Marina Gray)           Don't believe the daily papers' ones, but I take
                        more note of my astrology chart, which
                        summarises me pretty well :-)
Steve Gunnell           5th  Sep  '58      - Virgo
                        No. But it makes interesting reading
Richard H (Hannis)      24th Sep  '75      - Libra
                        122 million Astrologers can't be wrong..
Denis Hackney           7th  Nov  '76      - Scorpio
                        Only when convenient
Carol Hague             23rd Jul  '63      - leo/cancer
("lady o'bookworm")                         (I'm on the cusp apparently)
                        only if they're good.
Iain Hallam             5th  Jan  '78      - Capricorn
                        "Tells you more about people than the future"
Gideon Hallett          20th Aug  '73      - Leo
                        Sitting on the fence...
Robin Halligan          9th  Mar  '62      - Pisskiss
                        only if i can change it to the sign of The
                        Celestial Parsnip
Ben Halstead            5th  Apr  '70      - Aries
                        No, not even when written by Dirk Gently's mate
Ross Hamilton           29th Aug  '70      - Virgo
(Edwyn Ralph)           Astrology, moi?
Dom Hamon               5tj  Jun  '77      - Gemini
                        As a predictive medium? Not on your nelly!
                        Although the character traits/likes/dislikes
                        associated with Geminininians seem fairly
                        consistent with li'l ol' me.
Jeremy Hancock          13th Dec  '72      - Sagittar.
                        no, but I do belive fortune cookies.
Stacie Hanes            10th Aug  '72 - Leo (and year of the Rat, in
                        I don't believe in Astrology, but I think it
                        believe in me.
Mike Harre'[10]         4th  Mar  '64      - Pisces
                        No, Even if I fit the Pisces profile
                        perfectly :-). Actually in the chinese horoscope
                        I'm Wood Dragon with companion animal Dragon
Jarrad Harries          2nd  Mar  '75      - Pisces
 (AfPhantom)            I consider Astrology to be absolutely
                        accurate whenever it might make an
                        attractive, yet gullible woman think
                        she is compatible with me.  <UKjoke>
                        Otherwise, it's just Mystic Smeg </UKjoke>
Julia Harris            5th  Jan  '61      - Capricorn
                        Nah, but read em all the same!
Michelle Hart           7th June  '85      - Taurus
                        Well, I knew it was complete rubbish even
                        _before_ I worked out that my two friends with
                        completely opposite personalities had the same
                        birthday... so none whatsoever. Unless the
                        Chinese say I'm a dragon, of course... but I bet
                        they won't. If I did have my own personal
                        would be that boring lazy one at the edge of the
                        Small Group of Boring Stars.
harvester               6th  Jan  '78      - Capricorn
                        doesn't even believe in the future.
Sven Haul               15th Nov  '69      - Scorpio
                        Definetely not.
Thomas Hawtin           9th  May  '72      - Taurus
Toby Haynes             23rd Jan  '72      - Aquarius
                        Absolutely not
Heathwitch              26th Nov  '79      - Sagittarius
                        Undecided (usually, if you know your sun sign,
                        moon sign, rising sign and opposing sign, and
                        all four of these, you'll get a better round-up
                        than if you just read your sun sign... But it
                        still be b****cks...)
Yoast Hellegers         19th Dec  '80      - Saggitarius
                        Good things. Stars saying bad things are
                        extinguished by more advanced civilization
                        pissed of because of their meanings.

Anders Henriksson       3rd  Sep  '76      - Virgo

Herald (Jalea Clements) 17th Feb 1970      _- Aquarius
                        I believe in the bits that are nice, and
                        not the nasty bits :)

Helen Highwater         4th  Jan  '62      - Capricorn

Chris Hill              18th Apr  '67      - Aries
                        Arieans don't believe in astrology.

Jonathan Hoey           8th  Dec  '81      -Sagittarius
                        Nah, but my cat does...

Ian Hogg                10th Jun  '74      - Gemini
                        You pay me enough, I'll believe whatever you
                        want me to!

Gid Holyoake            31st Jan  '63      - Aquarius
                        as if..

Suzi Holyoake           14th Feb  '63      - Aquarius
                        on and off.. Both of us are year of the
                        cat (or rabbit) in chinese (korean)

Adrian Hon              3rd  Aug  '82      - Leo
Professional lurkers    No

Martin Hooper           22nd Mar  '69
                        Dont believe in starsigns and I dont know

Chris Hopkin            18th Jun  '69      - Gemini
                        No. Not seen any convincing evidence.

Martin Hopley           8th  Aug  '78      - Leo
                        Not really, I'm not suspicious. (touch wood)

Chris Horry             16th Aug  '78      - Leo
                        although I don't believe in horoscopes :)

Elizabeth Hostetter     - xxxxxx           - virgo
                        Being a Virgo is the closest to being
                        Vulcan a human can get. 8)

Gillie Houck            16th Apr  '65      - tsbgfs[11]
                        All the clever answers are already taken

Ben Howard (Drogn)      11th Dec  '76      - neon

Michael Howard          7th  Aug  '76      - leo
                        only the funny ones

Brian Howlett           10th Aug  '56      - Leo
                        No (All together now - Us Leo's
                        are too smart for that...wibble)

Johnathan Hughes        25th Oct  '74      - Scorpio
                        What the hell is a horoscope?

Patrik Hulten[12]       17th Feb  '75      - Aquarius
                        No. But the magazine ones are fun to read.

David Humphriss         30th Mar  '62      - Aries
                        Being a typical Arian, I do not believe in such

Tim Hunt                25th Jul  '60      - Leo
                        Not really; not as such

Jeremy Huppatz          7th  Dec  '70      - Saggitarius  (DarkePoet)
                        Like most saggitar... errr... Oh!  Look at that!
                        Some bright flashing thing! Umm... what's an
                        attention span?

Ben Hutchings           11th Jan  '77      - Capricorn
                        No, not that I actually look at them

Andrew Irish            16th Oct  '81      - Libra
                        Only when it says things that are almost

Irn Bru Pisshead        15th Dec  '75      - Capricorn
                        Only if there's caffiene in it

Jac(qui)                16th May  '72      - Taurus,...- Scorpio
                        rising, 4 majors in CancerIIRC
                        Of course I don't *believe* in it, I only
                        draw up birthcharts for *other people*...

Paul E. Jamison         22nd May  '53      - Gemini
                        *Very* skeptical (Why is it horoscopes
                        never give any *negative* predicitons?)

Michael "The Roach"     25th Jan  '64      - Aquarius
Janszen                 very much, like any Roach, ehh, Aquarius
                        ascendant Aquarius should

Eric Jarvis             16th Jun  '57      - Gemini
                        neither of us believe in astrology

Jason, Random's slave   5th  Nov  '71      - Scorpio
                        I got some cream to clear it up.

Jazz (Simon Steele)     30th Dec  '79      - Capricorn
                        No, Russel Grant is as good an explanation as

jeanibean (Jean Corser) 5th  Mar  '70,     - Piscean
                        (a Metal Dog in Chinese Astrology) and I fit the
                        descriptions of Pisceans in most Astrology
                        books, which is scary, cos no two are the same!

Staffan Johansson       4th  Feb  '76      - aquarius

Cathryn Johns           16th Jul  '76      - Cancer
                        (or Gemini, depending on whether you take into
                        account the motion of the stars over the
                        centuries - which just goes to show *why* I
                        don't believe in astrology - although I do
                        believe in birthday presents ....<hint>)

Joni Johnson            25th Sep  '61      - Libra
                        astrology is a load of taurus

Adam Jones              9th  Sep  '78      - Virgo
                        No - Russell Grant is taking over the world...

Olivia Jones            3rd  Dec  '70      - Sagittarius
  (Mad Dragon Woman)    who sort of believes!

Mouse Daredevil Jones   23rd Apr  '91
                        No astrology yet!

Woozle Intrepid         12th Dec  '89
  Reporter Jones        No astrology yet!

Warren Jones            15th May  '79      - Taurus
                        Well, I'm a "typical taurus", but horoscopes are
                        a load of [complicated  pictogram] B^

Tom Joyce               22nd Jun  '77      - Cancer
                        Not *really*

Stephen Judd            10th Jan  '70      - Capricorn
                        No. I prefer horology. For example, it's 3 pm
                        here, so I see tea and scones in the very near

Ian Judge               23rd Sep  '64      - Virgo/Libra-

JudithPER               1st  Jul  '52      - Cancer
(Judith Erlanger)       I don't believe in astrology, but I do believe
                        in ESP.

justin [13]             26th Jun  '75      - cancer
                        only when it's bad

Kai                     11th Dec  '99      - Sagitarius
                        "gurgle gurgle"

Alexander Kamilewicz    13th Aug  '73      - Feline
                        My cat does.

Daniel Karlsson         15th Aug  '83      - Leo

? Kat/Peter             28th Oct  '72      - Scorpio
                        no, read it sometimes tho' ?
[_which_ of this diploid entity not stated.]

Lady Kayla              14th Nov  '65      - Scorpio
                        Astrology? Nah, I'm a witch :)

Giorgos Keramidas       7th Mar   '76      - Pisces
                        No.  It would be nice though.

Toni Keskitalo          25th Jan  '75      -Aquarius,Sco.ris.
                        If there isn't anything else to do

Mike Kew                14th May  '66      - Taurus
                        Everyone says it's crap, so it *must* be true

KkatD^2                 28th Mar  '64      - aries
                        we do not exactly believe in astrology, but it
                        never hurts to hedge our bets, and at least we
                        have a cool sign.

David Kirby             27th Jan  '39      - Aqua,tiger
                        Only if horoscope is favorable

Michel Klijmij          6th  Aug  '80      - Leo
                        I believe it's always someone else's horoscope
                        that happens to me. Usually the positive one.

Kat Knight              10th May  '80      - Taurus
                        Not a chance. Absolutely not. No. Except for
                        when they're predicting in my favour, obviously
                        (fickle, _moi_?)

Mike Knell              16th Jun  '73      - Gemini

Robert Knight           4th  Apr  '69      - Aries

Heather Knowles         10th May  '61      - Taurus
(Heaven Knows)          Read every version of my stars I can get my paws
                        on, then extract the best bits and call it an
                        accurate forecast. My memory is so bad that I
                        can't remember by the end of the day whether
                        it's been accurate or not, so I'm happy!

Paul Knox (PAK)         16th Jan  '78      - Capricorn
                        No or Yes or maybe, hang on let's have a look at
                        my stars...

Chris Kooi              5th  Oct  '77      - Libra
                        nope, astrology believes in me

Dan Kormos (Puck)       12th Oct  '84      -  Libra
                        Signs point to no.

Gabriel Krabbe          18th May  '75      - Taurus
                        Horoscopes yes, but not mine

Miguel Krippahl         21st Nov  '65      - scorpio

Karen Kruzycka          12th Aug  '71      - Leo
                        Only in Hilta Goatfounder's Horrorscopes

kwill                   19th Apr  '80      - Aries
(d@vid seaward)         Very myffic, and it bodes, but so does all the
                        other mumbo-jumbo...

Joanne Lacy             22nd Apr  '75      - Taurus

Dave 'The Lard Man'     7th  Jul  '65      - Cancer
 Laird                  Only those by Psychic Psmith

Jean Lamb               15th Oct  '??      - libra
                        it's quite fascinating and I do charts
                        and what not. Actually the computer does them,
                        but I get the small amounts of money that are
                        sometimes involved.

Michel Lanting          29th Oct  '67      - Scorpio
                        Meow ?

John Le Febvre          4th  Jun  '69      - Gemini
                        Positively not

Dave Le Good            11th May  '42      - Taurus
                        Not a snowball's chance in hades

Roland Le Good          23rd Aug  '85      - Leo
                        Once in a blue moon

Ailbhe Leamy            1st  Nov  '78      - Scorpio
                        moon sign scorpio, gemini rising,
                        i'm going back to bed. . .

Jennie Lees             3rd  Mar  '82      - Pisces
(the AFPumpkin)         (I've always said there's something fishy about

Karl Ledger             26th Sep  '71      - Libra
                        Whats good enough for 8.5% of the population of
                        the planet is good enough for me!

Guido Lenz              25th Aug  '71      - Virgo
                        nope. what is this wossname?

Leon                    14th Nov  '67      - scorpio
                        Only on Thursdays

Morgan Lewis            2nd  Feb  '79      - Aquarius
                        Don't believe in horoscopes, but read them for
                        the amusement value, as they are always 99%
                        wrong in regards to me.

Stefan Linnemann        13th Oct  '61      - Libra
                        Yes, and in father Xmas, and the tooth fairy,
                        and so on

Jeff Lipton             11th Dec  '52      - Sagiatar.
                        My phrenologist told it was hooey

Listicath               1st  Jun  '68      - Gemini with Leo rising -
                        Not even my Tzu-Wei Chart or Earth Monkey  with
                        Snake  Rising (oo-er!)

Ruth Livingstone        11th Jan  '56      - Capricorn
                        definitely does not believe in astrology, maybe,
                        oh hang on while I check the paper today...

LoneWolf                8th  Jan  '81      - Orbus Terrarum
                        Death is the only constant

Andy Long               28th Oct  '55      - Scorpio

Marius Loots            3rd  May  '63      - Taurus
                        No, but apparently my aura's got some black
                        streaks and the mouldy parts are also causing

Marie Lowdon            13th July '77     - Cancer
 (Marie on afp & irc)   None as such... unless there's now a sign of
                        the Chronic Lurker...

Mark Lowes              13th Jan  '70      - Capricorn
                        Capricorns are too sensible to believe such

Paul Mc Auley           9th  Jan  '70      - Capricorn
                        No, but the other half does

Paul Mabbs(NiceHair)    22nd Dec  '76      - Capricorn

(The Legendary Planet of)
      Magrathea         18th Aug  '80      - leo
                        only if the world ends on 121223

Louise MacMahon         12th Feb '60       - Aquarius/Rat
                        I suspect I may not be typical of my sign. More
                        Pisces/Retriever really.

Derek Mahony            15th May  '49      - Taurus
                        No [see [7]]

George Mahoney          12th Mar  '48      - Pisces

Rebecca Mannion         9th  Sep  '47      - virgo
                        STOP - Too much math.

Mark (Mark Buckner)     14th May  '83      - Taurus
                        I don't believe-until it says something good

Marky                   15th Dec  '77      - agittarius-
(Mark Alexander)        A cynical skeptic, and I don't believe
                        in astrology either...

Dominic Mason           5th  Feb  '63      - Aquarius
                        Not in this lifetime

Michael Hargreave Mawson
         (Mike)         20th Feb  '67      - Pisces
                        On the Aquarius cusp with Leo rising - I do
                        believe in astrology, but not in newspaper

Stephen Mawson          3rd  Aug  '77      - Leo
                        What that then

Robin May               12th Oct  '84      - Libra
(Enya's biggest         Astrology is like Melvin Bragg and Melvin Bragg
Internet supporter).    was described like this "Melvin Bragg has used
                        many isms in his journalism but only one ism
                        could describe his work - a load of old jism"

Jan Mazurek             5th Jun   '82      - Gemini
                        The answer to that is  somewhere between no and
                        of course not.

Tom May                 17th Jun  '56      - Gemini
                        Are the heavens really rearranged to warn
                        me not to travel on Tuesday? I think not.

Natalie Mayer (Nattie)  21st Dec  '78      - Sagittarius/Horse, moon in
                        Virgo, Gemini rising.

                        Not really...  I do look like a Sagittarius
                        though, apparently.

Livia Medb              16th Aug  '77      - Leo
                        Not my sort of thing.

MEG                     30th Sep  '62      - LIBRA
                        You got an 'ology' ? it's good to get an ology.

MegaMole                13th Jun  '73      - Gemini
(the afper formerly     _One_ of me doesn't...
known as psmith)        ... and the other one thinks it's bunkum.

Melusine                19th May  '72      - Taurus
                        Only when it promises me something nice

Nigel Mercier           - xxxxxx           - Sagittar.

Mary Messall            2nd  Sep  '80      - Virgo

Midnight Tree Bandit    13th Oct  '63      - Libra
                        not entirely

Nadyne Mielke           12th Mar  '76      - Pisces
                        Not particularly

Rich Mielke             15th Jan  '71      - Capricorn
                        Earth sign + water sign = mud?

Miq (Mike Kew)          14th May  '66      - Taurus -
                        Everyone says it's crap, so it *must* be true

Deena Mobbs             19th Jul  '65      - Cancer

Peter "Pjotr" Molenkamp 27th Jan  '64      -Aquar*blup*-
                        Not while drowning.

Julie Montgomery        25th Apr  '78      - taurus

Adrian Morgan           12th Jun  '77      - gemini - (snake);
                        No - but I do believe that with sufficient
                        political protest we can finally overcome the
                        force of gravity.

Mountaineer             22nd Aug  '80      - Leo
(Trent Hill)            Nah. Only when my girlfriend is around and says

MP                      17th Nov  '81      - Scorpio
                        Made a resolution at start of 2000 not to read
                        horoscope. Has lasted so far...

M.S.R                   19th Nov  '86      - Scorpio
                        No. Where's the punchline?

Tim Mueller             31st Jul  '68      - Leo
                        Only the bit about tall, dark strangers

Andrew Munkres (amunk)  25th Nov  '83    - Sagittarius
                              +++Out Of Sanity Error At Address:
                              devnull@  Redo From Middle+++

Murky B                 1st  Jan  '73      - Capricorn
                        Definitely not

Muse(Joe Musielak)      24th Jul  '64      - Leo
                        No, it only encourages them.

Ashild Naess[14]        26th Sep  '76      - Leo
                        I don't believe in anything, as a matter of

James Neale             26th Sep  '76      - libra
                        Not a chance....

Andrew Nevill           8th Jan '75        - Capricorn
                        Personality quirks right. Horoscopes always
Chris Newman            21st Feb  '76      - Pisces

Nikt                    20th Aug  '80      - Leo
                        I didn't know that donkeys had a trology

nils                    27th Feb  '74      - about noon-
                        pisces are sceptical persons this weeks

Brian Nisbet            13th Jun  '77      - Gemini
                        If it says nice things...maybe, if it says nasty

Emmet O'Brien           2nd  May  '73      - taurus
                        Emphatically not

Martin O'Nions          31st Jul  '68      - Leo
                        I'm not even convinced I believe in me
                          - never mind astrology

Adrian Ogden            27th Jan  '68      - Aquarius
                        Suuure. s'right up there with Santa Claus,
                        the Easter Bunny and Professional Wrestling

Marc Oldenhof           13th Jul  '72      -  =>
                        (some terrible disease)- No way

Henrik Olsen            4th  Jan  '66      - Capricorn

Ookey                   14th Oct  '65      - Libra/Raven-
                        depending on which type of astrological chart
                        you use.  Both say I'm supposed to have problems
                        making up my mind, so I have decided that I
                        don't know if I believe them!!!!!

Darrell Ottery          10th Dec  '72      - You know, the one with
                                                the bow
                        - You're asking a complete cynic this?

Eoin O'Tuairisg         22nd Oct  '75      - Libra
                        I think my scales need re-calibration

Stuart Owen             15th Jul  '72      - Cancer
                        Only in my chat-up lines ;)

Mary Elizabeth Owens    16th Aug  '80      - Leo
(Medusa)                Reads horoscopes for fun

Alex Page (Gothic Alex) 29th Jun  '79      - Cancer
                        I used to write horoscopes - what do you think

Ben Page                26th Sep  '70      - libra
                        I do not believe in astrology and am sometimes
                        sceptical about astronomy too

Penny Parkin            22nd Jun  '52      - Cancer
                        Only the listings found in _Town & Country_
                        (which, btw, is a stupid magazine with the
                        horoscopes  as  its  only  redeeming  social

Tom Pearson             21st May  '7?      -taurus/gemini-(cusp)

Andrew W M Perry        14th Jun  '82      - Gemini
(Torak)                 Indifferent; if someone wants to muck about
                        with astrology, fine. Just don't expect me
                        to believe it... ;-)

Phill the Cat           25th Aug  '65      - Virgo
                        (/Importance of Washing Your Hands)
                        Horrorscopes? I have to, it goes with the
                        Religion, Pirx even if I think it's all a load
                        of Dingo's Kidneys.

Alessandra Picchetti    23 Aug    '84      - Virgo
                        No matter what anyone says, I really am a Virgo.
                        [I believe!]

Pixel                   30th Oct  '71      - Scorpio
                        Only Chinese astrology. Want me to make you a

(Jan H. Haul)           24th Apr  '65      - Taurus
                        Depends on what they say

Joerg[15] Plate         12th Jun  '67      - censored

Ulrich Porsch           20th Jan  '67      - Capricorn
                        Why ?

Bob Potter              25th mar  '60      - Aries
                        It says I'm a git so it must be true

ppint.                  25th Dec  '51      - capricorn
                        _far_ less than in the tooth fairy

James Price             14th Aug  '70      - Leo

Bruce Probst            25th Feb  '64      - Pisces
                        If only it were that easy ... but no.

Pterry                  28th Apr  '48      - taurus    -

Mike Putnam             30th Jul  '52      - Leo
                        Belief: Not really, but greets solitary magpies
                        with respect. (I think that's "augury", rather
                        than "astrology".)

Ralf (Robin Adams)      6th  May  '78      - Taurus
                        I don't believe in astrology

Suresh Ramasubramanian  1st Apr '77        - Aries
                        Astrology?  Aint that the thing you read in the
                        sunday papers and swear nothing like that can
                        ever happen to you? :)

Random Companion        4th  Jan  '77      - Capricorn
                        I resent the suggestion that I am a goat

Neil Rashbrook          14th May  '68      - yes

Lars Balker Rasmussen   24th Apr  '71      - Taurus

Raven                   6th  Nov  '65      - Scorpio
                        Double Scorpio with Aries moon I believe in it,
                        when it suits me to!

Simon Reap              20th Feb  '60      - Aquarius
                        No, but my cat (a Leo) does
The Red Salamander
  Zaruga (trsz)         23rd Mar  '76      -bloody goats-
                        Cosmo claims that Venus is going to toss me a
                        Leo off a rocky bluff...- I find that *very*

Frank Reedy[16]         23rd Jul  '62      - cancer

Irina Rempt             25th Feb  '58      - Pisces
                        No, but I believe in real fish

Dave (Rickmann)         16th Nov  '79      - Scorpio
                        I won't believe in anything until I have hard

Ridcully the Brown      4th  Feb  '74      - Aquarius
                        Only if it works in my favour

Geoff Riley             1st  Feb  '63      - Arcturus
                        I'm my own star. I don't believe  in Horror-
                        scopes either. ;-)

Rob (the ergonomist)    16th Dec  '69      - sagittar.
                        no, never, not on your nelly

Alex 'Tiefling' Roberts 29th Aug  '78      - Virgo
                        No, as an amateur astronomer, I know that my own
                        sign really looks an awful lot like
                        the Small Boring Group of Stars

Graham Robinson         12th May  '72      -taurus/rat
                        no - but I am a typical taurus...

Ian Rogers [17]         27th Apr  '67      - Taurus
                        the good thing about astrology is that it still
                        works even if you don't believe in it

Steve Rogers            27th Jul  '66      - Leo
                        Chinese star sign of The Fire Horse

Leigh Rooney            28th Jan  '75      - Aquarius

Rory Rudewind-Rustling, 29th Nov  '64      -"Saggitar."
B.F, B.Am.Ta. aka       No, not even the Chinese type, which would make
                        me a Wood Dragon

Steve Rumney            11th Mar  '62      - Pisces
(The Rumpo Kid)         Only if I can pick my own constellation. I
                        fancy Canis Major. WOOF!

Chris Crowther          4th  Jan  '78      - Capricorn
                        A little

Gizelle                 18th Jun  '70      - Gemini
                        Believe but don't take *too* seriously

Andrew Ruthven          5th  Dec  '77      - Sagittar.

Shaun Salter            16th Aug  '63      - Leo       -
 (Pepper)               My head says Nay my Heart says Yay (Although I
                        was born in the year of the Ox, if you believe
                        that "salter thing")

sam(antha)              24th Oct  '75      - scorpio
                        only in retrospect when correct.

David Sander            8th  May  '69      - Taurus
                        Born under Taurus in the year of the Rooster,
                        which makes my life one big cock-and-bull story.

Tom Saul                9th  Jul  '78      - cancer
                        If they can't say something nice...

Edmund Rudolph          31st Jan  '79      - Aquarius/Cassiopeia
        Schluessel      My belief in human ability to be self-deluding
                        knows arbritrarily large bounds.

Emma Segar              9th  May  '77      - Taurus - Growing
(Sonic the Screwdriver)   increasingly worried at the prospect that a
                        load of big rocks and fireballs seem to know
                        more about my destiny than I do.

Ann Seymour             14th Feb  '47      - Aquarius
                        I believe yesterday's if it's actually happened

Melody Shanahan-Kluth   25th Feb  '55      - Pisces
                        Not that bothered about Astrology (unless it
                        says something good)

Steve Shadbolt          3rd  Jan  '62      - Capricorn
                        Nope - load of rubbish

Sheila/Elusis           17th Aug  '73      - Leo
                        A qualified yes

Gwyn Simpson            20th Aug  '44      - Leo

Leonie Simpson          10th Oct  '66      - Libra

Katie Sims              23rd Jul  '73      - Cancer/Leo-
                        depends on which paper I read - only if I'm
                        forecast lots of fun and money

Rob Skedgell            4th  Oct  '74      - Libra
                        Only the ones at

C(arl) D(avid)          25th Jan  '77      - Aquarius
      Skogsberg         Nope

Daniel Smart            21st Mar  '66      - Aries
                        My invisible friend tells me I should

Mary Smith              12th Jul  '84      - Cancer
                        I only believe in astrology when my horoscope
                        says something good.

Sorcha                  9th  July '74      - Cancer
                        I'm generally of a Cancerian persuasion (when I
                        can be bothered, that is), and my view on
                        horoscopes an' all that is probably best
                        answered by the preceeding.

SpareTurtle             14th Aug  '74      - Leo
  (Steve Scott)         I'm a Leo, we don't believe in astrology

Claire Speed            1st  Feb  '73      - Aquarius
                        Uncategorically not

Spruv                   23rd Aug  '70      - Leo/Virgo
                        Not so far

Ssirienna               6th Apr   '64      - Aries (Western);
(Jan Uzzell)            Wood Dragon (Chinese), Falcon (Earth Mother/
                        Native American)
                        *glances at list of signs* maybe :-)

Lee Staniforth          1st  Oct  '72      - Libra

Jeremy Stark            14th Jun  '64      - Hoocares
                        No, nein, niet, nada, nix, non, nee...

Gordon (GtM)            7th  May  '77      - Taurus
       Steemson         No; it doesn't work well on my home

Matt Stephenson         15th Aug  '80      -'Rain dear'-
                        no. (sensible reply alert).

Mike Stevens (the Old   1st Oct  '42       - Libra
  Farts' old fart)      Not a lot.

Remington Stone         25th Jan  '70      - Aquarius  - If the
                        stars are right

Strahd (David Muller)   25th Oct  '76      - Scorpio
                        Look at the pretty red star

Marina Strinkovsky      30th Mar  '73      - aries     -

David Sullivan          4th  Jun  '77      - Gemini
                        Only when it suits me.

Supermouse              21st Aug  '74      -leo, wood tiger-
                        none at all

Tamar                   20th May  '48      - Taurus-Gem - cusp with
                        Scorpio moon and ascendant mostly I pay
                        attention to Void Moon and Retrograde
                        Mercury, because they work for me (alas)

Brett Taylor            17th Mar  '67      - pisces
                        not possibly in my lunch hour

Nicholas Taylor         21st Jul  '82      - Cancer
                        A Strology? At my level? I disbelieve.

Stephen 'SJT' Taylor    15th Jun  '66      - Gemini
                        Belief is a powerful thing. But I don't.

Sten Thaning            26th Feb  '76      - Pisces
                        No. No, no, no

Orin Thomas             28th Jun  '74      - Cancer
                        No, because it keeps breaking that "you will get
                        sex" promise

Kyle Thompson           4th  Jul  '76      - Cancer
                        "oh yes, i believe in periscopes, very useful
                        things - they let you look behind you without
                        slowing down... what? horoscopes? eh?"

Lesley Thompson         29th Oct  '65      - Scorpio

Meg Thornton            6th April '71      - Aries
(formerly Meg the       I'm pagan, so not really.

John Tierney            19 August '52      - Leo
(The Semior Wrangler)   No

TimT (B.F.)             14th Aug  '61      - Leo
                        Only if it's good

Stewart Tolhurst        26th Oct  '73      - Scorpio
                        Well it says I should be a good at things you'd
                        have to ask the SO about...

Mealnie Tom             7th  Nov  '78      - Scorpio
                        well as a scorpio I get a bit of a bad deal!

Tomputer                14th May  '75      -The Celestial-
                        I eat astrologers raw for breakfast

Angela Touchstone       14th Aug  '51      - Leo
                        I've got the hair and I like cats, but my rising
                        sign is Gemini so I'm undecided.

Treeb                   18th Nov  '71      - Scorpio
                        Only the kind where they need to know what
                        _time_ you were born

Iain Turnbull           24th Dec  '76      - Capricorn
                        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Steve Turner            11th Jan  '59      - Capricorn (with ruler,
(Steve T)                                    Saturn, in Capricorn)
                        According to all the books I've read I am a
                        typical Capricorn, so my common sense says No.
                        I am also a typical (Chinese) dog.

David Underdown         2nd  Oct  '77      - aquarius
                        disbelief both in astrology and at the fact that
                        so many people still take it seriously.

Michiel van Duin        8th  Dec  '75      - Sagittar.

Stig M. Valstad         29th May  '67      - Gemini

Vampyre                 26th Aug  '85      - Virgo
                        I shall believe in astrology the day i achieve a
                        conversation of understandable tinned peach.

VeloraCat (Valerie)     3rd  May  '77      - Taurus
                        I'm still waiting for the coming of the big
                        handkerchief to clear it all up.

Kimberley Verburg       2nd  Jan  '76      - Capricorn
                        I refuse to be called an old goat at my age.

Mike Verdun             28th Mar  '66      - Aries
(Buccaneer)             Nooo, but my mother (bless her) believes I do
                        and tells me ALL about what just hasn't happened
                        to me and how much better off I will be REALLY

Neil A Viglieno         3rd  Jul  '72      - Cancer
                        Well up until a year ago I sort of did...but now
                        I don't [18]

Marco Villalta          22nd Aug  '82      - Leo

Rob Vines               19th May  '69      - Taurus
                        Not hardly

Ben Waggoner            20th Sep  '69      - Virgo
                        Only if my horoscope promises money and/or sex

Ricky Walker            15th Nov  '61      - Cesarian
                        Believe in it? I invented it! [19]

Rachel Walmsley         28th Mar  '81      - Aries and Chinese rooster
                        Astrology can be a bit of a laugh sometimes
                        actually, although I don't believe a word of it.

Tom Walsh               24th Aug  '77      - Virgo
                        It's all a laugh, really

Anthony Walton          18th May  '71      - Taurus
                        but believes it's a load of bull!

Rosemary Warner         10th Jan  '83      - Capricorn
                        (too near Christmas...hmph!)
                        I like to believe it when it's good.

Sarah Warren            7th  Sep  '78      -  Virgo
                        only as done by our v own flabberghast and
                        friends :-)

David Way               16th May  '72      - Taurus

Christian Wedge         24th Feb  '76      - Pisces
                        It exists; that's the extent of my belief

Doug Weller             27th Oct  '42      - Scorpio

Tom Wheeley             6th  Feb  '78      - Aquarius

Paul Wilkins            4th  Jan  '74      - Capricorn
                        No (but does it anyway)

Tracy Wilkinson         20th Apr  '77      - Aries
                        Only on February the 30th.

Vicky Willemse (Kelvix) 25th Aug  '73      - Virgo
                        Self fulfilling prophesies?

Alison Willis           9th  Feb  '73      - Aquarius
                        No, but it does have amusement value

Keith Willoughby        29th Apr  '73      - Taurus
                        No, 's bobbins.

Pam Willoughby          4th  Jun  '76      - gemini
                        only believe it if it's nice

Nicholas Wolverson      23rd May  '82      - Gemini
                        Green. Definately Green.

Adrian M.Wragg          20th Mar  '75      - Pisces
                        Yes, they *all* seem to describe me perfectly

Penny Wythes            28th Jan  '46      - Aquarius
                        Just the good bits

Helen X, formerly known 5th  Mar  '82      - Pisces
as PERDITAX             It seems unlikely.

Yoni                    21st Mar  '80      - Aries

Nathan Yospe            11th Jan  '75      - Capricorn
                        Of course not! Why? Is my horoscope good today?

The Yum Yum Boy         10th Jan  '73      - Capricorn
                        Scorpio ascendant  -  Do I believe?
                        Hmm. No, but I do think there are analogus
                        cycles in RL which match to astrological cycles.

zanhart [20]            15th Oct  '64      - libra
                        yes, but then on the other hand...

David Zeraschi          9th  Sep  '70      - Virgo

anon                    15th Dec  '69      - Sagittar.

[2] - don't even think of spelling Snke "Sonke". I would fall upon
you like a ton of them rectag'lar building things. There IS an ASCII
code for "", you know! I just have forgotten it...

[3] - ( not the X-Files geezer )

[4] - Swedish pronounciation please.

[5] - I realise this is easily determined from my birthday; I do not
want this to be done.

[6] - there is no [6]

[7] - And I challenge Derek Mahony to a duel for stealing my birthdate
                         [watha him than me - ed.]

[9] - As Herself, the Small Bunny and Baby Flibble have made no effort
to apfcontribute or apfmeet anyone anywhere anyhow, I will make no
request for their inclusion (:-)

[10] - I hope my name comes out properly, I seem to have a problem
with some readers not getting the e with an acute. I might just change
my name to Mike Harr-Alt-0233 [21]

[11] - "The Small Boring Group of Faint Stars"

[12] - With an acute over the e.

[13] - with a small "f"

[14] - well, not really - but it's as close as I can get using only the
English alphabet. Please don't try to guess how it's pronounced

[15] - "oe" for o-with-umlaut

[16] - Long time lurker and occasional (very rarely) posting

[17] - (currently lurker but having fun anyway)

[18] - The reason is pretty stupid but...hey that's life :)

[19] -This is a complete and utter lie, for comic effect, or something

[20] - I once afposted something about The Sound of Music but returned
              to lurking since.

[21] - it didn't. at all: so i've added "e'" ; else it'd read "harr"


pp.s. - daniel smart asked: Shouldn't there be an entry for Alien Jr. ?

 [ppint. - whilst i do not doubt the sincerity of those posting on her
  behalf, or the accuracy with which her comments have been e-
  reafproduced, i must yet confess to harbouring some doubt as to
  whether the podling has as yet made her first afposting. - however,
  she is _gorgeous_: may that alone suffice ?]

ppp.s. - I vote YES for the addition of podling.
         - Stuart Foster  (proving kiwis can fly)

p.p.pp.s - I vote YES to. (And I'll slant the Merkin vote...)
           - Jay Finch (GKE)

p.p.p.pp.s. - Another YES for the Podling; after all, she _did_ go
              to DWCon *grin*
              - Glinda, helping Jay slant that Merkin vote

p.p.p.p.pp.s. - I'd certainly agree the Podling should be there,
                even if her views on astrology are somewhat obscure at
                the moment...
                - Gideon

p.p.p.p.p.pp.s. - Oh, and I vote to include Podling, I vaguely remember
                  her from the convention even though I didn't know
                  Alien or afp then. I believe I may have inadvertently
                  cooed, babies have that embarrassing effect on me.
                  - Sonic the Screwdriver