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Welcome to my Discband page. Discband is an ascii adventure game based upon Terry Pratchett's hilarious series of Discworld books. It's intended to be a bunch of in-jokes for ascii adventure players and discworld fans and is intended to be amusing rather than a serious game.

In this game you can wield Dwarf Battle Bread, wear Obsidian Boots, cast spells from spellbooks named the Bumper Fun Grimoir, and adventure alongside Gaspode, Detritus and Ridcully against the likes of Lord Hong and Old Man Trouble. Death isn't around as a monster but he has misplaced his scythe, his sword, his horse and his two assistants...

Ascii adventure games have very simple graphics but a wealth of complexity and variety not often found in commercial games. They are also simpler and faster to play. Look at my Links section below to see other pages about ascii adventure games. My game is a modified version of Zangband 2.4.0 for Windows but the core modified files are supplied for those who don't use windows.

I strongly recommend you read several of the books before playing the game as much of the humor will be lost if you haven't. If you haven't read any then goto a bookstore, any bookstore, anywhere in the world and purchase as many as you can. My favorites are Hogfather, Interesting Times, The Last Continent and The Fifth Elephant. Knowlege of the books will also give you some idea of what ceartan objects might do.

-- Joel Kleitman

Download Instructions

On this page you should be able to download the full windows executable (modified files included). if you wish to use the files with a non windows Zangband 2.4.0, already have windows Zangband 2.4.0 or wish to use the files with a different version of Zangband then download the Libs only. [270 Kb]: The windows binary with my modified files included and placed correctly. All you need to dload if you have a windows pc and don't have any windows version Zangband. [1.1 Mb]: My core modified files. Download this if you 1) don't use windows or 2) want to use my modifications on a different version of Zangband. to make use of these files you must dload or have Zangband. After unzip this file, read the readme and follow the directions on how to replace the Zangband files with my files. Look at the links below to find Zangband for whichever platform you wish. I've only tested them on my pc with Zangband 2.4.0 so i can't be held responsible for any misshaps, though as they are all text files there should be no problem and should work on any platform.

You can email me at with your suggestions and comments.


During character generation you can press '=' to bring up an options screen. this will allow access to some nifty options that may not be obvious otherwise. change generate character using a point system to 'yes'. It's much easier to get the character attributes you want this way.

To stop getting killed all the time at the beginning. I suggest you play with the avoid death option on (after character generation, when you are playing the game, press '=' then 'C' and you will see where to use this option) for a while so you don't get too frustrated.

Much of the humor in the game is in the "footnotes", or the monster descriptions. To view the monster description: when you happen upon a monster, press "*" (shift-8) and move the highlight with the arrow keys over the monster, then press "r" and you will see its description.

External Links

Thangorodrim: The location of the original Zangband and many other variants.

ADOM: One of the best adventure games ever.

Discworld (R) is a trademark registered by Terry Pratchett. You have no permission to utilize this software for any sort of hair brained money making scheme.

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