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The Carpet People

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On the fifth day the Governor of the town called all the tribal chieftains to an audience in the market square, to hear their grievances. He didn't always do anything about them, but at least they got heard, and he nodded a lot, and everyone felt better about it at least until they got home. This is politics.

-- Carpet politics are very similar to Discworld politics (Terry Pratchett, The Carpet People)

"He's a man of few words, and he doesn't know what either of them mean," people said, but not when he was within hearing.

-- (Terry Pratchett, The Carpet People)

"My house is your house", his brow suddenly furrowed and he looked worried, "although only in a metaphorical sense, you understand, because I would not, much as I always admired your straightforward approach, and indeed your forthright stance, actually give you my house, it being the only house I have, and therefore the term is being extended in an, as it were, gratuitous fashion --" Owlglass was clearly having some trouble getting to the end of the sentence.

-- Carpet philosophers at work (Terry Pratchett, The Carpet People)

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