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Clarecraft Figures

For years Clarecraft produced handmade Discworld figurines. These were extremely popular and are still considered to be very accurate representations of the Discworld characters. Terry himself was a regular customer and said:

"I like the Clarecraft figures. They're made by people who read the books very carefully and then sculpt what they see on the inside of their eyelids. They don't always get it exactly right (no-one could), but they get it wrong a lot better than anyone else would."

Clarecraft did not sell direct to the public, apart from a few "specials" and ceased trading in late 2005. However Clarecraft's Discworld figures can sometimes be found on Ebay.

Alternatively, Isobel and Bernard Pearson (formerly of Clarecraft) now sell a range of Discworld merchandise including sculptures and plaques at the The Discworld Emporium.

Discworld Emporium
41 The High Street
Telephone:+44 1963 824686 (from outside the U.K.) 01963 824686 (from within the U.K.)

Bernard also produces a collection of strange and unique specimens that defy simple explanation (or labels, for that matter) via The Cabinet of Curiosities.

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