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There are numerous organisations who produce, or sell, Discworld-related merchandise. We have attempted to list many of them here, but there is a high chance that we will have missed some.

If you spot any omissions or happen to come across a new retailer, pleasecontact The L-Space Librarians with the necessary details.

Please note: Anyone wishing to produce Discworld merchandise may only do so with the permission of Terry Pratchett or his agent, Colin Smythe.


We are not responsible or otherwise accountable for any problems you may encounter with any of the retailers mentioned in this section. Although we're fairly sure that they're all very nice people, for all we know they may turn out to be incompetents, crooks, cut-throats, robbers, and axe-murderers whose only goal in life is to separate you from your money.

Please don't blame us if Things Go Wrong.
You're on your own!

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