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"Soul Music" and "Wyrd Sisters"
In 1997, animated versions of Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters were produced by Cosgrove Hall for Channel 4 television. Both were shown on British, and possibly Australian, television but can be purchased on video and DVD. The "Wyrd Sisters" DVD, released at the end of March 2000 includes a short test film made by Cosgrove Hall, a Pratchett bio, Discworld book list, character bios and images, and storyboards from the production, with hand-drawn images, directions and text notes, all linked to the scenes they represent so you can compare them. The "Soul Music" video and DVD are reported to consist of single TV episodes rather than the movie-format adopted by Wyrd Sisters video and DVD.
Made by Cosgrove Hall, this television show (telling the story of the first book of the Nomes trilogy) was a big success but was, unfortunately, unavailable on video for a long time. It has now been re-released by VCI.


Bonsai Trading
Bonsai Trading is an online store for fantasy collectibles, specialising in Discworld. Various Discworld CD's and DVD's available.

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