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Abridged Audio Books:
Publisher:Corgi Audio
Narrator:Tony "Baldrick" Robinson
Running time: Approximately three hours.
Unabridged Audio Books:
Publisher: Isis Audio Books
Nigel "Neil from the Young Ones" Planer,
Celia Imrie (Equal Rites and Wyrd Sisters).
Stephen Briggs
Running Time: Varies according to title.

Note: Some Discworld novels are also available in mp3 format and on CD.


Isis Audio Books
Isis Publishing Ltd
7 Centremead
Osney Mead
Oxford OX2 0ES
Tel: 01865 250 333
Fax: 01865 790 358

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L-Space Web also has links to a number of audio interviews with Terry Pratchett within the About Terry Section.

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