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In the UK, and in most of Western Europe, Terry Pratchett's entire oeuvre is readily available from most bookshops. Even if it so happens that the one book you want isn't on the shelf of your local bookstore, the ordering it is generally not a problem.

However, Terry's novels (especially the most recent releases, some of the earlier novels and that ever-elusive copy of Eric) are not so easily available in the USA, thanks to publishers, and bookshops that apparently do not consider it part of their job to order books for their customers.

With the advent of the shopping online, exasperated would-be readers can turn to several online bookstores.


Discworld Emporium

Books, diaries, screenplays. All manner of Discworld literature is here, and DVDs too as they become available, many with an exclusive extra something available only from the Discworld Emporium.

Discworld Emporium
41 The High Street
Telephone:+44 1963 824686 (from outside the U.K.) 01963 824686 (from within the U.K.)

Interstellar Master Traders

Interstellar Master Traders (I.M.T.) is Lancaster's specialist science fiction, fantasy & horror book and role-playing games shop. They may also be able to obtain books in other areas on request. I.M.T. sell all of the Terry books (including the first editions and US hardcovers, subject to availability)as well as the audio cassettes, Discworld GURPS, Discworld diaries, maps, calendars and many other items connected to Terry.

I.M.T. will ship abroad, via an American agent who accepts USD checks on their behalf. This process means that customers avoid paying currency conversion charges on top of the exchange rate current at any time.

Interstellar Master Traders
33 North Road
Tel: +44 (0)1524 382181

Paul Kidby

A selection of Discworld Diaries, Maps and other Discworld books featuring Paul Kidby's art.

Paul Kidby
P.O. BOX 2116

Other Stockists:

Other online stores or sources of information include Terry Pratchett Books the official US site from HarperCollins.

Discworld Role Playing Games

There is a Discworld version of the popular GURPS, owned by Steve Jackson Games. More information can be found at:

Copies of Discworld GURPS can also be obtained from Interstellar Master Traders.

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